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Lily Toppings's Ice Cream Sunday: Children's Book about Family, Adventure and the Love of Ice Cream by Scott Coull (Author), Mark Kirkham (illustrator)

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 Journalist Scott Coull has been holidaying in St Andrews for more than a decade, and during the Covid lockdown he wrote a children's picture book about his kids' favourite place in the whole world – Jannettas Gelateria.

Lily Topping's Ice Cream Sunday takes readers on an entertaining tour of St Andrews, as the fictional Topping family embark on a week-long adventure and Lily tries desperately to persuade them all to visit our ice cream shop.

Expertly hand-drawn from the first page to the last by renowned artist Mark Kirkham – aka Edinburgh Sketcher – readers will be enthralled by the clever and bright illustrations of one of Scotland's most famous towns. Kids will have lots of fun trying to spot all the hidden ice cream cones throughout a book guaranteed to hold their attention. And it's educational, too, providing a terrific way for younger children to learn the days of the week.

If your kids love family holidays and they love Jannettas ice cream, then they'll love Lily Topping's Ice Cream Sunday!

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